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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Washing Machine for Pets

Pet Spa: Convenience for Pet Owners but Water Torture Chamber for Pets?

Pet Spa is a cabin that washes, de-fleas and blow-dries dogs, cats and other small animals in less than 15 minutes - a washing machine for pets!

The flash intro at the official website says the Pet Spa:

  • saves on labor costs
  • saves water, electricity & supplies
  • superior results in less time
  • reduces risk on pets and staff
  • reduces pet's stress

Errr... reduces risk on pets? reduces pet's stress?
Let's checkout this video:

reduces risk on pets?

with all that jumping and clawing? I think not...
reduces pet's stress?

hmmm, the meow-meow didn't looked relaxed in that chamber of doom...

Dun be a lazybum and rely on machines to do your job.
Wash your own pet.
Be a responsible pet owner, ok?