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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

10 years of Jamie Carragher

In case u donch know by now, the Official Liverpool Football Club website is having a week-long celebration of 10 years of Jamie Carragher. The tribute was launch without much fanfare, just like how Mr. Carragher plays his football - simple but effective, no nonsense...

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A fitting tribute to Liverpool Football Club's current best player.

Yup, I said best. Carragher is the best. Not Gerrard. Who is StevieG? I only know King Carra.

I used to believed Gerrard was the best player but when he admitted he was close to joining Chelsea on 2 consecutive seasons, he was no longer my Kop hero.

Gerrard is Captain but Carra is King...

So go checkout the articles, get to know the man behind the RED WALL.