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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rinse & Repeat

In view of my low blog readership, Sky suggested that I write more personal & interesting shit...

Errr, it's kinda hard lor.

I live a pretty dull life. I wake up, I eat, I sleep - rinse & repeat please. In between, I do whatever I feel like doing that particular day. Boring rite?

For example, I did the following yesterday:

  • woke up at 5pm
  • ate my 1st meal at 5.30pm
  • read blogs & other sites of interests (Youtube, Engadget, Soccernet etc.)
  • ate apples and drank milk at 9pm
  • watched Channel U's HK period drama "War & Beauty" at 10pm
  • ate 2nd meal of the day at 2am
  • watched Liverpool beat West Ham at 3.45am while snacking on Cheese Flavoured Twisties
  • watched Simpsons on Starworld at 6am while snacking on Cheese Flavoured Twisties
  • drank some milk and watched Seinfeld on Starworld at 7am
  • slept at 7.30am
in between those "activities", I've been reading Berserk, a manga of epic proportions - think Tolkien's Lord of the Rings but manga style & with much sex, extreme graphic violence(gore, blood, rape, etc). Definitely not for the weak hearted.

So boring Jo, whatcha gonna do today?
Hmmm, let's see...
It's more of the same... only difference is watching American Idol.
Oh yar, gonna jog for an hour - 11pm

Lastly, becos I got nothing interesting to write, here's today's interesting netfind:

Milk + Beer = Bilk