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Saturday, February 10, 2007

English Identity? Arsene's Frustration!

Check out Mr. Arsene Wenger's comments on foreign ownership of Premiership clubs:

"...Wenger feels Premiership clubs need to be careful about letting the pattern continue, as the league runs the risk of losing its English identity..."

Err... English identity? from Arsene Wenger?


From the Arsenal manager that more than often, have started matches with 11 non-English players! What's Arsene's definition of an English team? Or a team with an English identity?

Come on, Arsene - think before speaking. Foreign ownership doesn't un-English a team. Nor does playing 11 non-English players, right? hehe

I respect Arsene alot. His Arsenal plays an excellent technical fluid attacking football (not very English style-wise but always a joy to watch, haha). His forays in the transfer markets have unmasked very impressive young talents. Gotta love his mind games with Ferguson & Mourinho.

It has been said that Wenger's comments could have been triggered by envy, resentment or just plain frustration.

3 seasons ago, a rich dick from Russia bought an upper mid-table club and by throwing his moolah around, he bought that club 2 consecutive Premiership championship titles...

Also 2 of England's 3 top clubs (ie. ManUre & Liverpool) have been bought by crazy-rich dudes, all hailing from U,S&A.

Arsenal, being the remaining English top team, will definitely lose out in the obscenely inflated transfer market.

It's so simple: sell out or lose out ; u snooze, u lose

Blame that russian dick... he started it all...