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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


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The Wii is Nintendo's answer to Sony's Playstation 3 & Microsoft's XBOX360. I think it's available in Singapore...or not. I heard it's gonna be available before Chinese New Year... not sure 'bout the actual dates... anyways I dun really care...

Frankly, I'm not too impressed by the Wii...
It's specs are not as great as the PS3 & XBOX360.

The games are too kiddy for my liking.

It's cheaper lah but you get lower processing power, lower HD video support, less storage, ie. everything less. Also you get brainless kiddy games that will only rot your brain like how the TELETUBBIES destroyed my mind back in NUS... Eh-Oh! :)

The only novelty of the Wii is the Wii Remote. It's a wireless controller that employs accelerometers & infrared detectors to sense its postion & movement. Interesting technology & a refreshing way to play video games but it's abit too gimmicky for my liking.

Anyways, for the ppl interested in buying a Wii, make sure the Wii Remote strap is the new version. Why?

Check this out:
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Wii Damage

Yup, some dumb angmohs in the U,S&A got the Wii. They were happily having a nice game of Wii Sports Tennis. Somebody swung too hard, the remote slipped out of the hand, the remote strap snapped and destroyed their 70-inch rear projection TV. Nothing kills faster than a bullet to the head. Nice move, dumbass...

Not only TVs kena. Windows, doors, lamps, kids... yup, KIDS!
Checkout the damage done at Wii Damage.

So, before you make your Wii purchase, make sure you're getting the new strap. Also it might be wise to visit a nearby sporting-goods store & get yourself some badminton/tennis racquets grips... hahaha

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Not for ppl with sweaty palms :)