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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Fall of ASIMO

Honda's humanoid robot, ASIMO (acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) is a highly advanced piece of technology. It's able to walk & run upto 6km/h. Wow!

"ASIMO has been touted as to be one of the few Artificial Intelligence created to be able to mimic human mobility"

Errr... Check out the video below:

If ASIMO was indeed mimicking a human, then that particular human is a clumsy DUMBASS. Where got human climb stairs with his/her head, facing the side & not concentrating on the steps?

Maybe ASIMO is just a bloody show-off...

And isn't it abit too late to cover the fallen robot with the screen?

Noticed they took away the Honda branding (HONDA – Power of Dreams) from the big screen... hahaha....