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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ingredients for a Liverpool WIN

So Liverpool beat Spurs last weekend. The lads played a nervy 1st half but played a fast-paced attacking 2nd half. Poor Bellamy ran his socks off, hit the post & looked really comical as he was agonizing over his miss and celebrating Gonzalez's goal in a split of a second. Kuyt's goal was unstoppable. Riise, back from injury, unleashed another rocket to finish the match 3-0.

Jason, Goon & Sky came over to watch the match with alot of snacks which might be the reason we won...

Ingredients for a Liverpool win

a) 1.5L Pepsi Gold Limited Edition ("Gold" & "Limited Edition" becos it's Beckham's bottled urine)
b) 1.5L Pokka Peach Green Tea
c) Hello Panda Chocolate Biscuits
d) Lots of Corn Chips
e) Jason's healthy dried mango strips - nobody but Jason ate this...
f) Lau-hong Japanese seaweed
g) USA Beef Jerky courtesy of
Sky's mom

Most potent ingredient has got to be Beckham's bottled urine. We have been drinking Pokka Peach Green Tea for the 1st half - no goals. Then we started on the Pepsi Gold for 2nd half, game ended 3-0.

Further proof: The guys stayed on to watch Arsenal play Sheffield United & Fulham play Chelsea... Both matches seemed to be ending in draws... but it all changed when we drank Beck's urine again... The goals started flowing in and the nite ended 3-0 to Arsenal & 2-0 to Chelsea.

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Limited Edition Pepsi Gold

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Dun play play, it's Limited Edition ok....

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Becks looking mightily pissed (yup, pun intended)... Poor fella must have drank alot for Pepsi to bottle his piss...

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Our bottle comes autographed somemore...