flat·u·lence 1) The presence of excessive gas in the digestive tract. 2) Self-importance; pomposity.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Fabriquee En Russie

Aiyoh aiyoh aiyoh...
How the hell did West Ham signed Carlos Tevez & Javier Mascherano?!??!!?

I found some news on the nets that might reveal more on this unbelievable coup:
1) Rich Iranian dude
2) Owns Media Sports Investments, the company that owns both players' transfer rights
3) Owns Corinthians, the players' previous club
4) Is interested to buy West Ham, the Argentinian duo's new club.
5) Another Chelsea in the making?

6) But article1 & article2 speculate that Roman Abramovich might be behind this...


1st September = 2 months of freedom
4 more night jogging sessions.
After which I'm thinkin of changing my jogging route...
Run times have improved but the belly is still there...