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Friday, August 18, 2006


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Yup, I'm still alive...
I'm just too darn lazy to update the blog...

Since leaving my job 1.5 months ago, I've decided to put myself thru a diet & exercise regime, aiming to lose some weight and possibly look much slimmer & hotter by end 2006.

I've been eating much less these days, cutting down on the carbs, less rice/noodles & eating more meat & fruits. Some days, I eat 1 to 1.5 meals a day. It's amazing how little food you need when you're fat. It helps alot if you are sleeping at 6-7am & waking up at 3-4pm. I usually eat some fruits to stop the hunger pangs so no worries - it's all good & healthy shit...

As for the exercise, I've been running this route every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

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The above route (RED line) is about slightly more than 1km. It's at the end of the Telok Kurau Lorongs, along the nasty, stinky Siglap Canal, connecting New Upper Changi Road to East Coast Road.

Basically, per session, I'll run the route about 5 times for a total distance of 5km.

I run at night, about 10 - 11pm. Running at night is so much better as there's less ppl, bicycles or animals to avoid & overtake. It's also much cooler at night.

So per week, I'll have 3 sessions. I intend to keep this up for at least 2 months or 8 weeks, which means 24 sessions. Tonite's gonna be my 15th session. With 60% of the 24 sessions done, I've got a mild case of
runner's knees. The knees hurt everytime I walk down the stairs. But it's all worth it cos I've lost some weight & my face looks alittle slimmer. Already looking hot... The accursed belly is still there... but I'm pretty confident it's gonna go by this year's end.

Till my next update, I'll leave y'all with how I'll look like by X'mas this year:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Jagshemash!!!

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W said...

dude. do you do proper warm ups and stretching before and after you run? you have have HAVE to do them. they will prevent runner's knee. we're no spring chickens no more yeah? :)