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Monday, September 11, 2006


The exercise regime ended last Friday.
Over 2 months & 24 jogging sessions -

* Time spent running = 1056 mins

* Running distance = 121km

* Average running speed = 7km/hr

* Weight loss = Dunno but definitely lost some weight (cos no weighing scale)

* Waist line = Dunno but I know I need a belt to wear my previously tight Berms (size32)
The above-mentioned Berms is a Mossimo factory reject, bought from Phnom Penh's Russian Market, USD4.50

I've read somewhere that training the abdominals every day with hundreds of repetitions of situps or crunches will certainly tighten and tone the muscles, but it will do almost nothing to remove the fat obscuring the muscles. Yup, spot-reducing does not work... In fact, it is possible to have a great set of abs that you can’t even see because they are covered up with a layer of fat!

My paunch is definitely smaller but it looks like there's no sixpack hiding underneath...


Larry Loe said...

Our PE Teacher friend Alan Ho once said:"Fitness is a lifestyle.. Not a fashion."

Do it for the rest of your life.

rationalneurotic said...

7km/hr pretty fast...