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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


So... it's down to the last 8!!!

Argentina vs Germany
Argentina = blessed with very talented & technical players. Their passing is sublime, short & done in little triangles - a joy to watch.

Germany = Fast, fearless, in-your-face, shoot-on-sight football. Cracking long shots with pacey predatory strikers pouncing on the 2nd balls... PLUS crazy home support

Prediction: Germany to win. Of the remaining teams, only these 2 have played kickass football. It's a pity they have to play each other so early. Well, I'm not complaining - it's like an early bonus... The key to a german victory lies in marking Juan Román Riquelme out of the game. Argentina should not be able to keep up with Germany's frenetic paced football.

Italy vs Ukraine
Italy = Boring. I hate them. They are a bunch of hyped up whiny cheating shits.

Ukraine = Andriy Shevchenko & Sergei Rebrov are the only recognisable names in the team.

Prediction: Ukraine to win. Yawnz...Italy should have a player sent off (as per norm). Remember Korea's Ahn Jung-Hwan in 2002 WC? His italian club Perugia wanted to sack him for his winning golden goal against Italy. Similarly, in the 2006 WC, Andriy Shevchenko will knock the greasy men of Italia out. The only difference is AC Milan can't sack him... cos Shevchenko signed for Chelski b4 the WC...

England vs Portugal
England = Clueless. Blurcock for a manager. Basically a team of headless chickens running around the pitch for 90minutes.

Portugal = I’m not impressed. Dunno why but I just dun like them. They will be going into the match with a team weakened by suspensions & injuries…

Prediction: England to SCRAPE another win. This game is going down the wire. Both teams have talented individuals...but the English have Crouchatron & StevieG!!! I love to see England win the WC playing like crap… hahhahahahhah

Brazil vs France
Brazil = The Selection is slowly finding some form… Haha...Ronal-Fatty got mad skillz, yo…

France = Unconvincing displays but Zizou & gang seems to be finding form as well… Another team with a blurcock manager…

Prediction: Brazil to win. France depends too much on Zizou. Playing Thierry Henry upfront alone will severely limit chances. Brazil will avenge their 1998 WC final defeat with the RARK force – R-onaldo A-driano R-onaldinho K-aka… hahaha, so corny I’m loving it…