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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend Egresses

Argentina & Brazil
Both teams went out of the WC becos of bad decisions.

A disastrous decision to defend the 1 goal lead & play for time by substituting in defensive players was the cause of Argentina's exit...

Brazil played 4-5-1, opting to do an Everton to France... unbelievable to think a team with so much attacking flair would resort to stifle a team of aging french farts...

So much hype. Such wonderful players. So much talent. What went wrong?

You can't fault the players, they gave it their all.

You can't blame Rooney. Sure, the boy has some anger management issues but it's the same passion that fuels his incredible game!

You can't blame Cristiano Ronaldo either. Whatever he did, it just goes to confirm that he's an arrogant cheating bastard of a kanina, a bloody disgrace to humankind - nothing to do with England's poor display.

Surely Sven Goran Eriksson is the one to blame...

Of the millions of articles commenting on Sven & England's exit, I like this line best, from football365:

"The ultimate sin of any manager is the failure to harness the maximum potential from the resources at his disposal. Eriksson, then, is damned."


In a similar context, my employers & I have decided on a mutual termination to my employment... My last day was last Saturday... yup, Resignation Index has reach 1.00

Lack of direction from management & me slacking off for the past 1.5 mths made me realise my maximum potential would never be achieved in this company. Similarly, I'm not so sure I'm willing to give my all for the company anymore...

Anyways, a big THANK YOU to Brudders Loe, Jerm & YiQin for the amazing Sunday brunch buffet at Paulaner Brauhaus. Wonderful meats, kickass beer & cute waitresses are all I need to celebrate my freedom... Haha...