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Friday, June 23, 2006

Crappy State of National Football

1) Singapore is in the World Cup
Yup, the above statement is made in the present tense and World Cup in question is indeed the FIFA World Cup 2006.

WTF?!?!!! Hahahaha...

Apparently, Singapore is represented in the WC via this dude called Shamsul Maidin. This dude is a referee. He's officiated 3 WC matches so far and a current check on Soccernet lists him as the TOP-rated referee of the tournament.

Errr, ok…

Anyways, the local media is using Shamsul to stoke up some much needed patriotic fervor in Singaporeans. Ahhhh, the not-so-subtle propaganda that I love to hate. Maybe sporeans are dumb like dat...

Here's the articles:
Sports Minister: Go Shamsul!
Shamsul fan letter
Soccernet's referee ratings:

It's cool that this dude from Singapore is TOP-rated referee. But come on lah… referee leh…
Not say I see him no up and not say I say referee's job is a piece of cake…
(cos Brudder Loe went for a referee course b4 and he told me that it's hard work making the correct decisions & to track up / down the field to keep up with the play…)

But it's abit lame lor… let me try to explain it:

So you have the Germans, Spanish, South Americans cheering their teams on in the WC. Football Excellence. Beautiful Game. Goals. Dribbles. Skillz etc. OK?

Singapore got no team in WC but got Shamsul. A referee for 3 WC matches so far (all 3 low/medium profile games). Err….Singapore supposed to cheer him on issit?

Here's a reality check: Football is never about the referee, ok? It's not Refereeball.

Just feel damn proud, KIV the info & just bloody move on, ok?

2) Robbie Williams more important than football development in Singapore
Sounds absurd? Ridiculous? Haha...

Well, it's true.

Here's the articles:
ChannelNewsAsia also report leh

The Singapore Sports Council (SSC) has forced the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) to give up their booking of the 60,000 capacity National Stadium (for Singapore's final & possibly most crucial 2007 Asian Cup qualifying match against Palestine). Becos they want Robbie Williams to perform in Singapore.
Yeah. So go play your stupid soccer at the 6,000-seater Jalan Besar stadium.

So funny. I think Singapore Football has hit a new low. Hahaha...
Donch y'all think it's hilarious?

1) SSC is not supporting sports. You would think if a scenario like this comes up, the SPORTS council will side the SPORT instead of the pop concert lor...

2) What is SSC doing arranging hyped-up gay-ish popstar concerts anyways? Shouldn't some CULTURAL council be doing it?
That Robbie Williams very sporty meh? Maybe he is English and sporeans watch a lot of English Premiership… so got connection… yeah, maybe sporeans are dumb like dat...

3) Singapore wasn't even one of the stops on Robbie Williams' Asian tour. Organisers managed to secure the ONE-NIGHT-ONLY concert date in June. But FAS booked the National Stadium in JANUARY leh… so FAS go BOOK stadium for wat? Next time I famous, I gonna hold concert there also, no need booking somemore! Famous, can already.

4) Here's the weakass proposed solution from SSC:
Yeah, maybe sporeans are dumb like dat...

Seriously, Singapore has been trying pretty hard to revitalise the sports scene - opening of the Singapore Sports School, upcoming Sports Hub…Singapore Football was dong extremely well when the team won the last TIGER Cup. S-League teams are doing quite well regionally...
Then this Robbie William thing happen. It's like taking one step forward and then take 5 steps back. Makes no sense, makes you think whether Singapore is serious about striving to become a sporting nation.

Here's a reality check: Asian Football sucks. Singapore Football sucks even more. Nobody is gonna take Singapore Football seriously anymore.


Worst come to worst, sporeans can still say Singapore Football's greatest moment was when this dude called Shamsul Maidin referee-ed 3 WC matches and was Soccernet's TOP-rated referee for the World Cup...