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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Larry Loe

A big shout-out to Brudder Larry Loe coz today (11th May) is his birthday!

Brudder Loe was once a part of the now defunct neo-satirical duo called the Bitter Brudders. Yours truly was the other half, Brudder Joe.

Victims of societal conforms & under-achieving intellectuals, Brudders Loe & Joe would spent their weekends standing in front of Parkway Parade's Fish & Co. restaurant, deep in discussion, observing the subservient life forms that frequent the east-side mall.

It has been rumoured that it was on one of these infamous Parkway sessions that the philosophical question "ehhh...that one, if give u, u want or not?" was first asked...

Brudder Loe is prone to taking long vacations to faraway countries. Most of the time, in search of the meaning of life & fascinating photo-ops. Checkout his site for his amazing potraits. In fact, he leaves for Beijing tonite. From the Chinaman capital, he will travel to grassy plains of Mongolia, home of Genghis & Kublai Khan. This particular trip will take 2 weeks.

Take care, bro & jam them hard...

Brudder Larry Loe is and will always be... one of the good guys. Cheers...


moby sky said...

i'm proud to have been a participant in project weekend@parkway...we should do it more often so that our chances of winning each other's toto money would grow more percentage wise. but then again, what's 5% of $60...aiyah, what the hell.

oh yeah, happy birthday loe! mongolian chics are hot btw...check out bm's model friend, bebe...


cheers. =)

Larry Loe said...

Brudder Joe,
An honor, definitely, to be mentioned and immortalized in your blog!

Definitely look forward to more of those legendary Parkway sessions .We are still the intellectuals that we were; sans the loserness & insecurities, hee.

let me do a Eagles here: For the record - the Bitter Brudders never broke up, we just took a damnn long vacation. Now that you're back, we 're complete again. (shit sounds damn gay)

Oh its 3.5 weeks in Beijing/mongolia - and i told my boss i might miss a few buses or trains or flights here and there.. so no promise i'bee back in time!

C ya dude - Loe