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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Guiltless Goodness

What a kickass long weekend...

Thursday nite
The Vesak Day long weekend started on after work on Thursday, when I met up with Jase, Janice & Goon at Siglap. We ate at this nice little german eatery called Werner's Oven (6 Upper East Coast Road). Click here for Werner's website. Apparently they do deliveries - but only EASTside...

For starters, we ordered the Fried Camembert ($8.80). It's fried breadcrumbed cheese with cranberry sauce. First of all, cranberry sauce turned out to be cranberry jam. The cheese was cold when delivered to us - still soft but without the gooey sticky consistency. The cranberry went well with the crispy cheesy exterior. It would have been decadent dining at its best if the cheese was hot and oozing out...

For our mains, we decided to share the SCHLACHTPLATTE for 3 persons ($75.00). A quick Google search reveals Schlachtplatte means MEAT platter. Mmmmmmeat... Mmmmmmeat... Mmmmmmeat...

Goon took alot of photos so click here to goto his food blog for a gastronomical gallery of MEAT

Our Schlachtplatte consists of 2 crispy pork knuckles, 1 smoked sausage, 1 farmer's sausage, 1 wild garlic sausage, 2 nurnbergerle (mini sausages), 2 kasslers (smoked pork loins), 1 heap of sauerkraut (pickled cabbage), 1 heap of mashed potatoes and 2 sticks of brezels (german pretzel).

Crispy Pork Knuckles here is similar to the Elsbein I ate in South Africa. Like they say in Bangkok: Same same but different... Crispy outside with soft tender pinkish meat inside. Alot of oily meat juices. Mmmmmm...

I thought the selection of Sausages was inspired. Different sausages, different flavours. Savouring each mouthful with a dash of mustard. Yummy.

The Sauerkraut was not bad. Not too mushy and the sour flavour complements the MEAT perfectly.

I thought the Mashed Potatoes was alittle bland.

The Brezels came before the Schlachtplatte. They were ok but it would be nicer with BEER.

Dunno why but we didn't order BEER. No Erdingers or Paulaners. No Jagermeisters either. Just plain, normal soft drinks - Apple Schorle (100% apple juice & sparkling water) for Janice & Goon, Coke for Jase and Pink Guava Juice for me.

Overall the whole meal was pretty heavy but well worth it.

Danke, Danke, Werner's Oven!

PS: Brudder Loe says Paulaner Brauhaus at Millenia Walk has this $30 Sunday German Brunch - sausages & pork knuckles buffet with free flow beer. Definitely a must try.

Friday afternoon
Tried to tidy my room. Gave up. It's not possible to do it without proper strategic planning. Yeah, it's that bad....

Friday nite
The guys (Goon, Jase, Sky & Wayne) came over for dinner and mah jong.
I played PS2 - We Love Katamari Winning Eleven 10 Onimusha Dawn of Dreams

Saturday afternoon
I tried to clean up my room again. Moved laptop & HDDs to other side of the room. Then I got distracted half way and started to watch Veronica Mars (Season 2).

Saturday nite
The guys came over again to watch the FA Cup match between Liverpool and West Ham. It was Istanbul all over again. For the second consecutive season, Liverpool Football Club finished their last game of the season (also a cup final) in victorious dramatic fashion. A fitting end to a long, tedious campaign? Starting back on July 9th 2005, Liverpool played 62 games (not including 3 friendlies).

Here's Liverpool's end season report card:

1) Super Cup victory
2) World Club Championship runners-up
3) Knock-out stage of the UEFA Champions League
4) Gerrard's PFA Player of the Year
5) FA Cup victory
6) 3rd placed in the Premiership, 82 points or 9 points from the champions, Chelsea - a far cry from last season's 37 point gap. 1 point from 2nd placed Man Utd

Player of the Season = Steven Gerrard
Urguably the best player in the English Premiership, Gerrard’s vivacious, all-action play was inspirational; his tackling was continually fierce, his passing often spectacular, and his goals from midfield plentiful as well as brilliant. An astonishing 23 goals from a midfielder, playing from defensive, offensive & right midfield. And his season has not ended yet! Go England!

The room is finally organised, somewhat cleaner than when I first started & definitely more pleasing to the eye. I had to divide the room into sectors and slowly clear each stage, working towards a cleaner & healthier living... yay!

Then I continued watching more Veronica Mars... Kristin Bell = HOT!!!

PS: There will be no more Malcolm In The Middle (7 seasons) & That 70s Show (8 seasons). Yup, the seasons currently airing in the States are the final seasons...

So that pretty much covers my Vesak Day long weekend.

Sigh... the next public holiday is National Day, 9th August... 3 months away... wah lau ehhhhhh.....

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rationalneurotic said...

steven gerrard's good...

sigh no more Malcolm in the middle! they are damn funny.

and the bloody next hols are so bloody far....