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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Healthy Choice for a Healthy Life

I had doubts over my choice of not going Myanmar but last weekend's KL roadtrip with the Gang was all I needed to justified my decision.

(Head on over to SKY's blog for vids etc.. I didn't take alot of photos but maybe I'll post some later...)

Furthermore, this weekend, I'm going back JB to see my family & the good ol' pirates at Holiday Plaza.

Next weekend aka the Vesak Day long weekend, we might be doing another roadtrip...

How to do all these when I'm stuck in Myanmar lah.... hahaha


Larry Loe said...

Awww.. Am I one of the pull factors as well?

While at Holiday Plaza, Special request to find "Three Times" by Hou Hsiao Hsien, and the new movie by M'sian lady director who made "Sepet". Cant remember the name though..

By the way, a KL fren mailed "Sepet" VCD to me, if U want.

And I will not see U all the way till early JUNE. Will be doing my one-man vacation from 12 May - 6 June.

The Rational Neurotic said...

pirates are nice... shhhhhhhh beware the RIAS...