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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cool Peche

Here's an update...

After the Cambodia fiasco, I'm back in S'pore & not going back anytime soon.

(sorry, cant really elaborate on what happened. If really want to know, MSN and ask me pls...)
Anyways, they wanted to post me to Myanmar to oversee the operations. Not keen at all. Myanmar not exactly the top choice country to work or stay lor... The alternative offer is to work in Spore office, handling less important brands, less chance to progress...

Myanmar Pros:
1) Handling a wide range of brands for a mega FMCG MNC, very nice to put in CV
2) Increased loot per month
3) Better career climb

Myanmar Cons:
1) Lack of human rights
2) All forms of communication are monitored & restricted = No instant messaging etc., restricted online content, monitored emails etc.
3) Loot not substantial enuff = Better paying jobs elsewhere
4) Only 4 trips back per year
5) Duration of 2 years

Looks like the Cons went ballistic on the Pros and opened a can of royal whoop-ass!

So after a few days of deliberation, I decided not to go and took up the dead-end posting in Spore office...

See how lah, now I need to

1) Adjust back to working in Spore
2) Prep up CV
3) Buy every Saturdays' Straits Times for RECRUIT section

R.I. is at 0.88