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Friday, October 21, 2005

watery hunger

Tap water in 3rd world countries are not drinkable. That's why we only buy processed water. Normally, the staff drink from the water dispenser with a big gallon water bottle. Smaller bottles are loaded into the fridge in my office room.

Today Socheat came in and asking for water...

Socheat: Can I take a bottle of water?
Me: Errr...can. What happened to the water dispenser?

Socheat: The water company never deliver
Me: This bottle for who?
Socheat: For me. I hungry...
Me: ???
Socheat: I hungry for water
Me: Huh??!!? Hungry? Nonono, wrong...
Socheat: So it's not "hungry"?
Me: It's "thirsty" - you are thirsty...

Socheat: Thanks! I learnt something new today!
Me: Yup!


moby sky said...

socheat socute!!! hahaha. i bet you love being her teacher...you should have rewarded her by making some juice for her! hahaha. =)

Larry Loe said...

love is in the air!

Larry Loe said...

love is in the air!