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Friday, October 14, 2005


A customer gave us a big bag of oranges today.
Socheat left a big glass of juice on my table.

Me: Ah-cheat arrrr, what is this?
Socheat: Orange juice
Me: Huh?!? We don't have a juicer machine in the office, rite? How did you get the orange juice? You went to the supermarket to buy juice?
Socheat: I cut the orange, then I squeeze...
Me: Huh?!?!! You squeezed the oranges??!?
Socheat: My hands are clean
Me: Nonono, I know your hands are clean. You mean you squeezed the oranges one by one?
Socheat: Yes
Me: Aiyoh....next time no need squeeze. If there's oranges, just cut them, ok?
Socheat: Ok

As she was leaving my room,
Me: Xie Xie!
She stared at me for a few seconds, looking abit perplexed & then replied with a big smile...
Socheat: Bu Keh Chi!

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moby sky said...

i think it's time for ah cheat to change her name to fong so cheat. hahaha. well done joe...it's time. hahaha.

Jo said...

I think y'all getting the wrong message here...I had Goon saying the same thing to me last nite...

I'm just trying to share some of the funny conversations that we had. With the criss-cross of cultures & battered use of English (myself included), it's inevitable that I encounter numerous moments like this!

Also it's to point out that Cambodians are generally nice, good-natured ppl that will do nice things for you, with no ulterior motives!

If I have to marry everybody that's nice to me, then y'all better prepare alot of angpows to give at my wedding(s)!

moby sky said...

don't cheat her of a rich and charming husband lah joe...hahaha.