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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Of Motor-mouths & Skeletors

Had a funny msn conversation with Brudder Loe last week.
Here's the whole thing, cut & pasted...

Brudder Loe: dude...
Brudder Loe: see my webpage leh!
Me: dude, u dun update often leh...
Me: send me link

Brudder Loe: http://www.larryloe.com/newblog.htm
Brudder Loe: too damn exhausted to update!!
Me: i have this irritating colleague from Spore staying with me now - he cant stop talkin!
Brudder Loe: Hahaha.. find common things with him.. Ask him whether he likes Liverpool
Me: i want to go into my room but damn hard
Me: dun want to be rude
Me: sigh...
Brudder Loe: wats his profile? young, old etc
Brudder Loe: nice.. not nice?
Me: dude...wats with that photo on ur blog?
Brudder Loe: other than talkative
Me: who's the ugg
Me: the UGGO
Me: his profile = some dude my company hired to do the motorola biz
Me: some experience in mobile biz
Me: 40 plus yr old irritating snakey sales guy

Brudder Loe: HAHAH
Brudder Loe: u think the girl's ugg??
Me: yes. she is ugg
Me: i know who she is
Me: she is ur skeleton fren
Me: msian kl girl
Me: damn skinny
Me: u show me photos of her b4
Brudder Loe sends IMG_4817-copy-thumb.jpg
You have declined to receive file "IMG_4817-copy-thumb.jpg" from Brudder Loe.
Brudder Loe: how about this one?
Me: the fat fucker! we just came back from dinner and he is eating a big bowl of salted peanuts!!!
Brudder Loe sends IMG_4817-copy-thumb.jpg
You have declined to receive file "IMG_4817-copy-thumb.jpg" from Brudder Loe.

Me: ehhh....stop sending me the photo lah
Me: i decline lah
Me: i know who she is lah

Brudder Loe: Just see this one
Me: certain angles she look ok lah
Me: but overall she is a SKELETOR lah

For all poor souls who never watched an 80s cartoon, Skeletor is the main villian in the ultra cultish 80s cartoon: "He-Man & the Masters of the Universe". Skeletor is like the only badass in the cartoon, always plotting to invade & conquer Eternia..... but he never had any success becos of his incompetent retarded henchmen and not forgetting "the most Powerful Man in the Universe", He-Man.

Anyways, Skeletor has this muscular blue bod (?) with a yellow-ish skull face. I guess big bad evil villians dun do facials....He is forever clad in his furry speedos & skimpy purplish armor-cape.....but you can't really call it an armor cos it's not really covering much rite of his bod.... hahaha

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Naked Ol' Skool Skeletor "Masters of the Universe" action figure

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Some dude did a "South Park" on Skeletor

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us This is my favorite Skeletor pic - New Skool action figure

Brudder Loe: Argh!
Brudder Loe: how can we, the brudders, differ so much in opinion???
Brudder Loe: how could this be??
Me: errrrr....that makes the brudder-hoot so interesting lah
Brudder Loe: is it cos u never see her in real life?
Me: ehhh...my mom's fren's daughters all look like ur fren
Me: all quite ok but skeletors
Brudder Loe: What!!! I want to know your mom!!!!!
Me: all married already lah
Me: now, i only waiting for the fat motor-mouth fucker to go shower
Me: once he go toilet i will disappear into my room!

Brudder Loe: why?
Brudder Loe: just go in your room
Me: rude lah
Me: must give face
Me: otherwise he backstab me, tell my spore office i antisocial him
Brudder Loe: sigh...
Brudder Loe: so complicated
Me: yeah lah....xianz man....
Me: he telling his lifestory to me now... i just nodding my head, looking straight at the laptop

Brudder Loe: then he should get your vibes pretty soon
Me: no lah...this guy fucking DENSE
Me: in an ideal world, i would have pounced on him and lay the smackdown on his face
Me: i feel like pounding his face now

Brudder Loe: eh? dont so negative leh....
Me: i hate tactless ppl

Me: i work whole day, comeback still must listen to his crap...
Me: cheebyes

Brudder Loe: loving kindness.... compassion....
Brudder Loe: generate good karma
Brudder Loe: hee hee hee
Me: i generating good karma now
Me: by sitting here and listening to his nonsense....

Anyways, Fat Motor-mouth Fucker went back to Spore, so I got this week off. But he's supposed to come stay in Cambodia for 1-2 weeks every month so I'm pretty screwed for the rest of my life here....


moby sky said...

hahaha...i got motor mouth also what...staying with me now too in fact...just live with IT lah...hahaha.

moby sky said...

eh, loe, cannot post comments on your site lah...do something about it leh!!! i wanna say something about the girl also cannot...haha.