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Friday, September 30, 2005

Quick Update

1) Woo Hoo!!! Holiday!!! Long weekend!!!
5 days off becos of Pchum Ben Festival!!!
Pchum Ben or Festival of the Dead is a time when Cambodians travel back to their hometowns & their ancestral provinces to pay respects to their deceased loved ones.

I could have made a trip back to Spore but decided to save my last remaining home passage ticket for December. Anyways, there's nothing much happening back home nowadays...

2) Opera is now FREE!!! Quick, goto www.opera.com for a new internet experience!!!

3) Really looking forward to Liverpool vs. Chelsea Premiership clash this Sunday..... Liverpool totally dominated Chelsea in their Champions League match this mid-week. Rafa is da man! The organized, high-tempo pressing game that he used during his time in Valencia can be seen in Liverpool's play. Chelsea had no reply. Now Mourinho is pointing fingers and saying we play long ball etc.

Which is like "huh? wtf! pot calling the kettle black leh...." We are just playing the same formation but we are doing it much better than them!!!

Crouch (masterclass target man with excellent touch & heading) = Drogba (overpriced lucky target man with Heskey-like touch)
L Garcia (piece of shit make-shift winger) = Robben (pacey tricky left winger)
Cisse (super-fast make-shift winger) = Duff (pacey tricky right winger)

Any comments on that mid-week match?