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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

National Personal Assistant

Some of y'all might be slightly confused about previous sudden entry on me having a PA. Why suddenly mention I have a PA?

Well, I just realised that having a PA is freaking cool. I've been relying more & more on her nowadays. It's just so convenient to have somebody else do my shit.

Anyways, my PA is called Socheat (Sok-chee-at). I used to call her "Cheeeeat, Cheeeat!" whenever I need something...Then I noticed there are giggles around the office whenever I do that. So I asked her one day:

Me: Cheeat arrr... Why they laugh everytime I call you?
Socheat: Becos you always call me "Cheeat"
Me: Yeah... "Cheeat" is not correct?
Socheat: "Cheeat" in khmer means "National"
Me: So I've been calling you "National, National" for 1 month??!?!
Socheat: Ya....
Me: Aiyoh...why you never tell me lah...
Socheat: .....
Me: So what should I call you?
Socheat: errr...you can call me "Ah-Cheeat"
Me: .....
Me: errr, ok...

As she was leaving my room,
Me: So you want me to call you "Ah National" instead of "National" ?
Socheat: (gave me a frustrated frown and left the room)


Larry Loe said...

BUAHAH!! Funny stuff

DAMN i thought U had a electronic gadget.. IT's a chick no less!

Power to U

moby sky said...

hahahahaha...i also thought you broadcasting a pda...hahaha. well done. now are we going to start hearing some steamy office stories? haha.