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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Internet Browsers

Which internet browser do you use?

I have 3 browsers installed on my comp: Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Firefox & Opera. Yup, 3 browsers, quite geeky, rite? I think it's more of being kiasu that anything else.

I've read somewhere, sometime ago that Microsoft's Internet Explorer has been losing market share due to the emergence of open-sourced free-ware Firefox. I guess Bill has been really complacent...but Firefox is no big deal, it's my 3rd choice, behing IE and....drumroll please...

Opera's the best browser I've used so far. Alot of useful & cool functions. It has the tabs browsing thingy, it's able to save your "sessions" then you can load them whenever you like. It's fastest as it caches much of the sites, you can retrieve sites accidentally deleted easily and much much more. On the downside, Opera is a memory muncher, it takes up memory becos of the tabs - imagine opening 10 tabs all contained in 1 window. But if you break it down, it's like opening 10 windows of IE and that will take up memory also...

Opera is not totally java integrated or something....always have probs with the java apps. That's why whenever I blog, I use IE cos blogger.com uses java....kinda cock of me to plug Opera using IE....haha Opera is not free. You have to pay. But there are cracks & keygens out there in the vast spaces of the Internet, so no worries there...

Firefox is installed for cases when IE & Opera fail but that seldom happen.

This might be one of the more boring postings I ever wrote but wat the hell, no form today....so suck it up and try OPERA