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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Faces of Cute

While I am enjoying myself in Spore & Msia, treat urself to some photos of the different types of cute I found on my trip to Ho Chi Minh City:

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We visited a kindergarten to checkout their dental program. I saw this cute kid sitting quietly and just had to take a photo of him. Too bad my flash scared him and he ran away...nope, it's not my face that frighten him off...

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This nice lady in dark blue jacket is Lam. She is working for Gillette and she's their Oral-B dental detailer. She brought us to visit a typical dental clinic in HCMC. She very cute, her chubby cheeks and perfect teeth make a very sweet smile...yar, I was kinda crushing, hehe...

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We are in District 1, the city centre, just outside the City Hall building. We are at the Uncle Ho Statue (Uncle Ho = Ho Chi Minh). Moe Moe is a Burmese lady (Burma = Myanmar). She's also here for the training. She's quite errm...voluptuous? She's very good at posing for photos hehehe...the girl next to her is Kym, she's Cambodian. Exercise: Compare & Contrast the chicks shown above.

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As we walked down further to the Opera House, we encountered 2 Vietnamese kids kicking a little plastic soccer ball. The kid in the photo was running around alot cos his partner was kinda crap at passing the ball. He wasn't complaining tho', he's just having alot of fun. He was kinda of sweaty but nevertheless still cute. When I pointed my digicam at him, he stopped, stood there and smiled. Then he continued to run after the ball that his partner had unskillfully kicked 5 metres off his current position. Ahh, to be a kid again...

Xin Cam On
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