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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cambo Jo is back!

Yo peeps! I'm back in Phnom Penh!

Had a pretty good 10 day vacation...but it never seems enuff hor....everytime I go back Spore, I just wanna to quit my job and just bum around for life. But as always, I kena suckered by the armed chauffeur & SUV, clean rooms with super-efficient maid and the measly USD720.

Anyways, despite the short time frame, I think managed to do quite a fair bit in Spore & JB. Ferry got ROM-ed. Very nice reception. Checkout the pics here, courtesy of "my canon digicam is not good for wedding photos - huh? then why the hell you bring the camera" disclaimer ROD. I think the unhealthy obsession (between Rod, Darren Teo & Loe) in critiquing each other's photos is damn cock....now they feel the need to "disclaimer" before showing their photos to ppl. And I'll get critiques on my photos also...come on guys, just enjoy the photos, stop being so Sporean lah, complain, complain, complain. But I digress, then I went back JB, everybody is cool back home - healthy and happy. Then back to hangout with friends in Spore.

Checkout Sky Captain's
blog for wat I did in Spore; haha, I too lazy to write and he did a pretty good job of detailing our outings (he missed out the lunch at Shenton Way & Indochine hangout tho')...

Also....I had 3 mths of uncut hair on my head when I left Cambodia. 1st thing I did after touchdown Spore was to get it chopped off. Checkout before & after pics below:

Before - Messy hair with "Danger! Cambodia Land Mines!" T-Shirt

Before - Messy hair with trusty EXILIM EX-Z40

Before - I actually thought I looked hot, in a messy grungy kinda way...

Before - Checkout the sideburns...damn garang....woo hoo damn beng hahaha

After - Nice, neat & damn hamsome lor.....hotness epitomised...

I look hot rite...u want rite...come on, admit it...buahahaha...