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Thursday, July 21, 2005


I'm all giddy from the excitement...i think i giggled like a girly man just now.....hehehe..feeling of anticipation, euphoria....it's like waking up to ur 24-7 laptop/desktop mega P2P downloading beast, to find the much coveted holy of holies of porn downloaded and waiting for u to enjoy.....

It's the feeling you get when SSSS comes to play...For the un-initiated, it means

Soccer Season Starting Soon

Pre-season transfers, outgoing crap, incoming stars, pre-season friendlies, champs league qualifiers....all these have been engineered in such a way that it builds u up, to prepare u for the new season. This time round it's much more interesting cos just how do u follow-up that crazy nite in Istanbul? Hahaha...Liverpool's new signings are not exactly big name stars or galacticos but Rafa seems to know his way around the transfer market. Interesting choices so far...it seems he's building a team to combat on all fronts, to tweak his team, adjusting to each opponent. Since my last Liverpool update, he has added another 2 players to the team. So I fired up my Football Manager 2005 and here's the stats:

1) Mohamed Sissoko - Touted as the new Patrick Viera. He played in the 2nd half of the Leverkusen friendly. Tackled and ran around like Viera but gave away quite abit of possession. Lacks experience but promise is there.

2) Peter Crouch - Unorthodox English target-man striker. Peter Crouch is tall (6ft 7in) but damn skinny. You wouldn't recognise him as a Premiership footballer if you saw him outside a football match. Looks damn geeky and freaking weak. Yeah, he looks like a freak. But looks and ppl's perception aside, he's damn skillful. Last season he played at the crappy, relegated Southampton but still managed 16 goals. That performance earned him his 1st England cap. He's blessed with a fine first touch and excellent header of the ball. Superb flick-ons and holds the ball very well. He's like Duncan Ferguson or Alan Shearer without those little dirty, cheap tricks. Checkout Paul Tomkin's excellent article on Crouch and his analysis on how the team is shaping up. Great stuff....I love the part on quickest (Cisse) and tallest (Crouch).

Anyways, if the results on the pitch are anything to go by, we are on track for a great season:

1) vs Wrexham (friendly) = 4-3 win

2) vs TNS (champs league 1st rd qualifiers 1st leg) = 3-0 win

3) vs Leverkusen (friendly) = 3-0 win

4) vs TNS (champs league 1st rd qualifiers 2nd leg) = 3-0 win

Can't wait for Saturday's friendly against Olympiacos...