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Monday, June 20, 2005

Poverty begets Sloth

I mentioned I got a pay raise...here's the memo.

I'm grateful for the recognition but at the same time, abit pissed off at the amount.

I think I'm one of the worst paid managers around, discounting managers in 3rd world countries. By Spore's standards and given the scope of my job, I should be doing 3.5K to 5K per mth.

Then they added all the crappy variable components into the amount, which is so uncool. Fortunately they do not have a solid KPI (key performance index) system to grade me so I get the full amount every mth. Hahaha....kinda defeats the purpose of having the variable component. Full of shit lah this company...

Like the saying goes "you pay peanuts, you get monkeys". So dont expect alot of passion from me... gonna play around abit... gonna milk the company for all its worth then jump ship.... And I'm damn good at acting hardworking.... hahahaha....

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timo said...

congrats on the pay raise man! it's not bad what, still quite a sizable increase. especially considering cost of living in Cambodia much cheaper. When we're still (relatively) young, the managerial experience is probably more valuable than a bit more pay anyways.

I still can't believe liverpool won the champions league. i switched it off after half time. I can't stand both teams but I think I comparatively dislike Milan less. heh.