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Monday, June 20, 2005

Excuses, excuses....

Hi ppl,

I know, I know....I promised updates since end April....am really sorry ppl....especially to my loyal readers, genuinely interested in my life...just a handful of you guys out there...i know you by ur countries and ISPs (netstat)....for example, Atlanta is Timo, Bangkok is Rod and Spore is mostly Loe...but i really dunno who is the guy (or gal), in Strasbourg France. Care to reveal ur identity? Drop me an email haha..

Anyways, here's some excuses for my lack of updates:

1) I hate it when you leave for a long trip, you come back and you are faced with a whole host of problems or back-logged work. I spend the next month clearing the back-logged shit, damage-control (one of my sales supervisor resigned when I was in South Africa)...

2) Alot of stuff happened over the past 2 mths. Got a pay raise, 2 mths bonus. Suddenly got 2 bosses. Was internally audited. Roller-coaster of emotions that lead to my beloved Liverpool's 5th Champs League win. The siths took revenge. Scum of Lorong K (LORK) got engaged. Rod got promotion, LORK will be no more by end 2005. Jess Alba's nipplage action at the '05 MTV movie awards....too many, too little time....But no worries, i'll try to do a re-cap in future posts.

3) Just plain lazy. It's such a chore to do ur blog over a slow connection...takes ages to update or upload stuff etc. That's why the South Africa photos weren't upload...too slow and too lazy to do it...

Check out this song: "David Guetta - Just a Little More Love"