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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cold Hard Truth or Sexist Comment?

Since I'm gonna be away in Vietnam for the next 7 days and I seriously dunno if I can get plugged in for updates, here's a nice little social equation to debate on:

"Female Cheapness / Sluttiness is directly proportionate to the amount of emotional security you need to give her before she opens her legs"

It's something I extracted from one of my MSN chats this afternoon. It's not from me, I'm not gonna reveal the source since it's kinda sexist & harsh. I dun want to damage his chances with the ladies, ie. if he decides to go after the ladies (he claims to have his libido in check).....

We never came up with the male version of it tho'. For sexual equality sake, anybody care to equate how Cheap or Scummy a dude is?

But let the record show I agree with him. Yup, sorry to all you adoring sexy flatunatics, despite all the SNAG & gayish qualities I've been exhibiting recently, I'm still old skool, a MCP. Can't help it lah.....chinese boy, born in the late 70s M'sia, conservative Cantonese family... whaddya expect?

Back to that statement, I think the underlying, basic assumption here is all straight men pursue women just to fuck them - for FREE. Then again, it's not really FREE cos if you quantify the effort & sweet lomantic stuff you do for the chick, then add that to the total costs of dates & gifts, then you would have spend much much more (and it's a much longer process) than a quick, late night bootycall at Geylang, Desker or Joo Chiat. Then again, once the chick becomes ur galfren, you can have lots of (consensual) sex for FREE, for whole duration of relationship (but you can do it with her only). Bootycalls are usually calculated pay per shot, always consensual, you get to choose different nationalities or races (now the Xiao Long Nu all over Spore - Joo Chiat alot).

Still dun understand? Ok, try this analogy: You need to play golf. Should you scrim & save to get a country club membership, so you can play golf at the country club for free or should you just pay the full tee-off fees as a non-member at different country clubs?

Golf = Sex; Country Club Membership Fees = Cost of getting a GF; Non-member golf tee-off fees at your favourite courses = Cost of a one-time visit to your one of your favourite hookers.

DAMN! I gotta stop watching so much ESPN!!! But my analogy quite cool rite? Hehe...dunno how I manage to tie SEX with boring ol' GOLF together...unless I was....errr...errr, ok bye.


moby sky said...

i think you've got your original statement mixed up. i think it should be "Female Cheapness / Sluttiness is directly INproportionate to the amount of emotional security you need to give her before she opens her legs". the more slutty a girl is, the lesser amount of emotional security you need to give before getting laid...that's what you're trying to say right?

slutty girls basically just throw themselves at you...so emotional support or lack of it doesn't really play a part...i think slutty girls are probably just horny.

moby sky said...

and your analogy about sex and golf...i bet you were watching michelle wie when you wrote that...haha.

Jo said...

I think INproportionate is correct. My bad, too long nvr touch math alredi...

But to label slutty girls as horny is the "easy" way out...

I want to go deeper into the female psyche leh...

moby sky said...

i think that girls want what they can't have. so in some ways, perhaps these so-called "slutty" girls are drawn by the lack of emotional security from these guys...the moth to flame concept. they are perhaps weaker in the understanding of the male psyche, where natural instinct teaches them to spread their seeds (in most cases). the girls who have stronger willpowers will see through this and demand more from the men that are seeking their attention...and hence, come off as "not-so-slutty". but then again, like i said...some girls just like to have sex...the correct term to describe that is horny (crudely put).

Jo said...

Good stuff, TC...very insightful.

But I dun agree on the slutty girls being drawn by lack of emo security cos a slut still wouldnt go fuck erm, let's say "gunny gun gan"; ehh, they still got standards one hor...

Why do sluts act the way they do?

I think we need to define emo security. Try this analogy:

Guy tries to get a loan at a bank. Bank dont give loans away so easily. Guy must show credit history, banking history etc. to apply. Guy have to provide and prove his cred to qualify for loan. Guy fails. Guy tries more banks.

A less stringent (or more desperate) bank accepts the application easily, with little or no effort from Guy.

Guy is happy about getting loan easily but at the back of his head, he is doubting bank's street cred. What are the direct & indirect risks involved? Will the money transmitted be bad money? Will doing business with this bank affect his reputation and his future dealings with other better banks?

I think this analogy aptly explains the sluttiness statement. Wats yous outs theres thinks?

moby sky said...

who the hell is TC???

anyway, at the end of the day, it all boils down to money doesn't it? the more $$ you have, the less you have to rely on banks to give it to you. you're basically waiting for the banks to come after you with all their "perks" and whatnots (who the hell cares about air-rifle club people anyway).

it all boils down to the definition of the "slut" that you've been mentioning so much. is a slut just another horny girl? or is she just a susceptible female who happens to like sex? and how many sluts do you know jo...personally i don't know of any that i would label as such...even those in cambodia are doing it for the $$...which has nothing to do with emotional security.

Jo said...

Haha...TC is Sky Captain lah

Anonymous said...

well said, guys.

Imagine U have infinite money in the form of "seeing through all this sh*te", attaining an insight that U DONT NEED MONEY, u would never need to beg from a bank do U?

Someone likens sex to eating. U need to eat, each time to satisfy a recurring hunger. Each time U fill up your tummy, attain enjoyment from the delicious food. But no later than 4 hours later, hunger pangs strike again, and U would be thinking of what next to eat, hopefully can outdo the previous delicious meal. -> U had a mind-blowing orgasm. BUT Now U want MULTIPLE mind-blowing orgasms.

How do U satisfy your desire through consumption of external resources? (in sex's case, this external resource is a hot chick)
This desire is an infinite loop.

Bhikkhu Larry

timo said...

The pretense of providing emotional support in order to advance your chances of sexual favors is the male version of cheapness/sluttiness in my opinion.

For females, the pretense of needing emotional support when you don't need it; when all you really want is just sex or a rich husband is cheap/slutty.

It's all about false representation. If you're just in it for the sex, and not deceptive about your intentions, you're not a slut, you're a go-getter.