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Friday, April 01, 2005


Hehehe...Back in S'pore.

Will be flying on Sunday to Johannesburg, South Africa - for some company training & crazy safari rides. Had a little trouble figuring the times. I leave at 3am on Monday and reach Joburg at 7am on Monday. So does that mean it's 4 hrs between Spore & Joburg? Nope. Going to Joburg will bring the clock back 6 hours. So in all, it's a 10 hrs flight. Time travelling economy style is not fun tho'. Hope to get some sleep on the flight.

Next week is Champions League again so I'll be watching Liverpool vs. Juventus there, at 9pm, no more late nites, hahaha...

Then it's back to S'pore/JB for 1 week holiday.
Then stay in S'pore office for Quarter 1 meeting, then last week of April fly back to Phnom Penh.

Alrite, come back in 2 weeks time for photos of South Africa. Ciao babes

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Anonymous said...

globe-trotting dude, enjoy the trip. Leave the safari animals alone. (too exotic to be eaten, unlike you indo-china people everything also eat!)