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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Duck Eggs

I dunno what I was thinking....In the midst of this bird flu crisis, I ate some positively kickass power duck eggs...somemore Cambodia is just next to Vietnam, the bird flu epidemic center...

I've seen them in travelogues and always wanted to try in Vietnam but no chance. You only live once and I will never get them in Spore so why not...hehe

Anyways we got the eggs from this old lady. She goes from building to building selling the eggs. She has this little ceramic stove and a worn-out aluminium pot where she boils the eggs. My staff stopped her and ordered some. The egg-woman proceeded to setup her equipment just outside the office front and started boiling some eggs.

Then she gave everybody this little cup where u put the egg. Then you take the flimsy aluminium spoon and crack open the egg. Then peeling off the shell, you will see this black grey slimy half grown duckling carcass...With the steam rising from the embryonic mess, I took my spoon and started to dig for body parts. Pretty cool cos you can see the beak, little wings, etc. The you can hear the crackling noises as you bite down, nice....hehehe

Condiments provided include a pepper-salt mixture which you are supposed to mix with lime juice. Dun like, never liked it in Vietnam, not gonna like it ever... The egg-lady also gave us some homemade chilli and that's the BOMB...alittle sweet but overall spicy, you suppose to dip your ugly duckling into it. For me, I dump the chilli into the egg, stirred it well with the contents and slurp them thru the little hole in the shell...yummy!

The tamago-lady seemed to have an endless supply of eggs and we just went on a rampage, devouring one half developed foetus after another... It was pretty fun, cos everybody was slurping, crunching little bones, getting our fingers burnt peeling off the freshly boiled egg shells...

here for some ugly ducklings :)

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Anonymous said...

damn! you're a brave man joe. that's some gross shit! heh. I'm not eating with you when I go back to visit.