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Friday, February 25, 2005

Updates from Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hi all, apologies (especially to Timo) for lack of updates due to me being too darn lazy to type...


Year 2005
I'd like to think this is my make-or-break year, career-wise...
Work 1 more year and I will have amassed about 2 plus years overseas work experience. Maybe can jump from my current crappy job to another higher paying crappy job... but all these are only temporary cos once I have enuff $$$ and the ultimate biz idea, I never work my ass off for anybody...ever

It's been almost 2 mths in 2005, have made some headway to improving my life:

1) Bought a PS2, the new version - sexy slim model
Click me for pic

2) Kinda got a promotion
Quite crappy way for my company to give me more workload, shift blame (if any) onto my shoulders - WITHOUT any pay increase. I am currently holding 2 namecards, my Singaporean namecard shows Sales & Marketing Officer and my Cambodian namecard shows Assistant Country Manager - Cambodia. Needless to say I am being paid as a Sales & Marketing Officer. But I do get the perks, the Country Manager is based in Singapore so I am the highest ranked guy in Cambodia...

3) Repaid 80% of tuition fee loan
Paid the bank SGD16,000 before Chinese New Year, still owe them about SGD 3 grand plus....should be debt free by April 05. Yay!

4) Gave my folks Ang Pows
Dug into my overseas allowance savings and gave my folks Chinese New Year money. Wanted it to be some kind of symbolic thing whereby this will show my folks that I've grown up, no need to worry over me anymore etc.

5) Happy Pizza
In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, they sell happy pizzas, pizzas laced with ganja. After watching so many reefer movies (Cheech & Chong series being the first of many and Harold & Kumar being the latest), I have injested marijuana...Kinda overated cos I didnt become a crazy monkey but I didn't smoke it so the effects might be different...
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Alrite time to sign off, if anybody is coming over to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and wanna meet up, just drop me a message via icq, msn, or email. Or just goto the Konica Center in Phnom Penh and ask for me. We will go for a happy pizza & see Angkor Wat :)