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Monday, June 28, 2004

Weird Dreams....

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:07 AM
From : Riven
hows things man

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:09 AM
To : Esgaroth
i just had a nightmare....that i kena fire, cos the uncool colleague convinced
my manager to do it...

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:10 AM
From : Riven

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:11 AM
From : Riven
the guy quite attitude huh

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:11 AM
To : Esgaroth
can i transcript this onto the blog? too lazy to write

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:12 AM
To : Esgaroth
it was a strange dream....i remember i was staying in this house with this 40yr
old man and his teenage daughter

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:12 AM
From : Riven
haha sure

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:13 AM
From : Riven
hahaa... sounds like some kind of weird sex dream leh

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:14 AM
To : Esgaroth
the teenage daughter looks like charisma carpenter and she walks into the
toilet naked and soaped up with her dad still in it! But there was no incestous
hanky panky...just that they are like nudists or something....

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:15 AM
To : Esgaroth
then she turn to me and say, "do u mind?" and smiled
I sheepishly turned away
but took extra long looks b4 i did...

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:19 AM
To : Esgaroth
then there's also the part where when i found out i was being sacked, I took my
boss hostage and demanded to know the reasons...then I STABBED him in the
He was cool bout it...no hysterics....

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:20 AM
From : Riven

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:21 AM
From : Riven
damn weird

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:22 AM
From : Riven
sounds like something from miike

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:24 AM
To : Esgaroth
then we were transported to my house in JB....with me still holding him
hostage....i felt guilty and decided to bandage him up....i called out to my
neighbour....but Paris Hilton came out....
She bandaged him up...my boss being
the casanova he was, flirted with her...
Paris Hilton being the slut she was
told my boss to meet her at some weirdass name club for a fuck!

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:25 AM
To : Esgaroth
This is how it ended...

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:28 AM
From : Riven
haha part 2 ah?

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:29 AM
To : Esgaroth
i found myself in an american high school, along the corridors filled with
posters and lockers...
then the teenage daughter, Charisma Carpenter, came to
me and we began talking....we were really hitting it off....i was like awww...i
have to move out soon, she said i gonna miss you etc. really potential
relationship conversation....then suddenly a hot babe, latino, (some chick i
had a crush on earlier in the dream but rejected me) came over and interrupted

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:32 AM
To : Esgaroth
she wanted to give me a farewell kiss or something....in the classic case of
small head overruling big head, I cut short the conversation, and move away
from Charisma Carpenter, and walked towards hot latino chick....
then i woke up....WEIRD

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:32 AM
From : Riven
haha shit!

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:33 AM
From : Riven
never got to the exciting part?!

Date : 6/28/2004 Time : 9:34 AM
To : Esgaroth
yeah....but my heart was like dont do it...stay with charisma!