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Monday, August 26, 2002


Dear Yee Sze Joseph,

SHL Singapore would like to thank you for your application to a
position with the company as advertised. As you will have seen from your visit
to the SHL website, SHL is strongly committed to using objective
methods of assessing a candidate's skills, beyond reading your resume and
interviewing you. As such, the second part of the recruitment process is
for you to undertake two ability tests and one personality questionnaire
as part of the screening process. SHL certainly hopes that you are
willing to invest the time and energy required to complete these
activities, as this will help to demonstrate your commitment to SHL's core

Although we may not be able to provide verbal feedback of the results,
you will be sent a written report of your results at some stage during
the recruitment process. The email that you will receive several days
after completing the ability tests and personality questionnaire online
will advise you of the next stage in the process.

At all times, please read the instructions and information provided
carefully, so that you are comfortable with the process.

Within the next two days you will receive an automated email indicating
your username, password and link to access the tests on our website.
When this email arrives, please make sure to keep it in a save place
because you will probably need to use it more than once.

The first time you access your Personal Assessment Centre, you will be
asked to agree to the SHL Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you
agree, you will be able to continue and new icons will appear in your
Personal Assessment Centre menu. Please take the time to fill out the
"Contact Details" section before proceeding to your assessments.

The online assessment consists of three tests:

Numerical Skills Test

Verbal Skills Test

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32i)

You will be asked to complete the Numerical and Verbal Skills
Assessment first. Once these are completed, the OPQ32i icon will appear in your
Personal Assessment Centre menu.

Please complete all assessments by Monday 2 September 2002.


You will need a computer that uses Internet Explorer 5.xx. You can use
Internet Explore 6 but you might experience some minor distractions
such as cursor flashing or pop-up menus appearing when the cursor is moved
to a certain part of the test (graphs, etc.). To avoid these
interferences, you can change your Internet settings by going to "Tools",
"Advanced", "Multimedia" and set "Enable Image Toolbar" to off or unchecked.

If you are not sure what browser and version you have, check the
'About' option from the 'Help' menu on your browser.

These tests are currently incompatible with Netscape, AOL browsers and
Apple MacIntosh machines.

You may use a calculator when completing the numerical test.

Make sure that you complete the tests in a quiet place where you will
not be interrupted.

Once each test starts you need to complete it to the best of your

You will only be able to access the tests once and will not be able to
stop a test and restart it later. Please allow approx. 30 minutes for
the Numerical, 20 minutes for the Verbal test and 50 minutes for the

DO NOT use the 'Back' button on your screen or attempt to print while
completing a test.

Doing so will automatically exit you from the test and you will not be
able to access it again.

You can access your Personal Assessment Centre through any internet

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards

SHL Singapore
Recruitment Team