flat·u·lence 1) The presence of excessive gas in the digestive tract. 2) Self-importance; pomposity.

Friday, May 10, 2002

I'm sure by now everybody will know bout the tragic Andrea D'Cruz liver failure incident. Her liver failed, apprarently due to an allery to slimming pills, she needs a transplant or she'll die, her family members cant do it so boyfren, Pierre Png gave up almost 1/2 of his liver for her! The op was ok and both are stable condition. This little incident brought up 2 things in my mind.

First of all, I couldnt help feeling guilty. I have been complaining bout her elephant arms ever since she appeared on the entertainment scene. Well, apparently I wasnt the only one that did it....Dun get me wrong, I think she is quite good-lookin and eloquent but she likes to wear those "no sleeves" outfits that totally exposes the elephant arms. I just cant help complaining, especially in these times where looking slim is very important in the entertainment business. Insecure and pressured by ppl like me, she resorted to taking the slimming pills that caused the allergy.....sigh, I almost killed her.....

The 2nd thing was how boyfren, Pierre, gave up 1/2 of his liver to save her life. I was totally impressed by him. Looks like he really loves her alot. If it were me, I dunno whether I can do it....to love her so much...enuff to give away my liver or any part of my body....true love

On a lighter note, my mom told me that my sister has a suitor.....hehehe....my mom was grinning like the Cheshire Cat when she told me. I always thought my Sis will never get a boy cos i think she is kinda big-boned. Well, the guy is apparently same age as her, knew her back in the days when she was travelling every morning to school via orange Bas Sekolah, apparently, they took the same Bas. He's in NgeeAnn now. Dunno whether it's official or not but I'm happy for my Sis, at least she has a boy chasing her.....not like me big loser, lonely and unemployed....maybe I should ask my Sis to intro some girls from NAFA....hehehe....