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Friday, April 06, 2007

Week of The Rahmens - Day 5

Here's Part 2 of "the-better-looking-guy-from-Rahmens-terrorizing-little-japanese-boys" series.

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Hmmm, I gotta try this someday...

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Best of the lot!
Be sure to stay till the end of the clip!!!

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Technically, this is a totally different scenario from the rest.
The clip starts off with a kid staring at some object, trying to figure out how it got there. Then time gets rewinded, revealing Kobayashi-san (still clad in his blue tracksuit) doing the deed...

So it's not "mister, what are u doing?" but more of "what happened here?"

Ok, Part 2 marks the end of the Week of The Rahmens.

I still have a bunch of extremely funny Rahmens stuff I couldn't fit in. But no worries...
Just enjoy the long holiday weekend & be sure to come back next week as I try to wrap-up my Rahmens tribute...