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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Week of The Rahmens - Day 4

I like to call this particular collection:
"the-better-looking-guy-from-Rahmens-terrorizing-little-japanese-boys" series.

The Rahmens is made up of the better looking guy, Kentaro Kobayashi and the big hair guy, Jin Katagiri.

For today's Rahmens special, we feature Kentaro Kobayashi in a collection of bizarre educational short clips.

All clips start off with 3 kids playing/talking crap at the playground. 1 kid will notice Kobayashi-san (clad in the same blue tracksuit) doing something really weird. 1 kid will go up to him and ask, "mister, what are u doing?"

Here's Part 1.

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Part 2 tomorrow!!!

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