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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Week of The Rahmens - Day 2, The Japan Culture Lab (the Japanese Tradition) series Part 1

As promised, here's The Rahmens' claim to Youtube fame:
The Japan Culture Lab (the Japanese Tradition) series!!!
*It's important to note that the skits are satirical in nature and should never be take seriously*


The Japanese Tradition - Sushi
Classic skit, making fun of culture of eating Sushi & the complex etiquettes expected

The Japanese Tradition - Onigiri (Riceballs)

A how-to clip on making riceballs

The Japanese Tradition - Hashi (Chopsticks)

The Art of using Chopsticks

Japanese Cuisine

Not by The Rahmens but along the same vein...

What better to end all these great food with some green tea!
The Japanese Tradition - Green Tea