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Monday, April 02, 2007

Week of The Rahmens - Day 1

No random crap this week...

For the whole week, i'll be posting extremely hilarious clips from my favourite Japanese comedy duo: The Rahmens!

There's not much info on The Rahmens due to the lack of translated sites. If you can read japanese, here's the
official Rahmens site. If you can't read japanese but wanna know more, here's the lame-ass Google translated English version of The Rahmens japanese wiki - pretty much WTF stuff so dun bother...

There's loads of clips on Youtube but most of them (the live comedy skits) are without english subtitles. But their Japan Culture Lab (The Japanese Tradition) series are much easier to understand and most of them are subtitled. Some skits are just plain weird. And the funny skits need no translation.

Alrite then, to start us off:
The "Get a Mac" ad campaign (aka PC vs. Mac ads)

The original ads featured actor Justin Long (Mac) & humorist John Hodgman (PC).
The UK ads featured British comedy duo, Mitchell (PC) and Webb (Mac).
Not to be outdone, Apple Japan has their own "Get a Mac" ads - played by The Rahmens!
Note: In the japanese versions, PC is depicted as a




New Year Cards

Pie Chart




Be sure to check back tomorrow for
the infamous "Japan Culture Lab" series &
"the-better-looking-guy-from-Rahmens-terrorizing-little-japanese-boys" series!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and liked it especially those 'Youtube' stuff!
Great stuff, by the way...

Jo said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the support.

It's becos of True Believers like you (and many more out there), this blog will remain online...