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Monday, April 16, 2007


I spent the last 3 days playing Tower Defense. Damn fun...

It's a game where you build towers to defend specific areas of the map against consecutive waves of monsters.

Originally released as
RAMPART, a 1990 ATARI arcade game and then played as a mod map on Warcraft & Starcraft PC games; Tower Defense today has been updated into a simple flash game - allowing everybody with a flash-enabled browser to play.

There's basically 2 types of Tower Defense games: maze and non-maze.

In the maze type, you start with a clean map and you create a maze for the monsters, using your towers. The strategy here is to use complex maze formations to prolong the time the monsters' time in the maze while killing them with the towers.

In the non-maze type, you start with the maze already decided for you and towers can only be built on specific paths. Strategy is simple - to use the correct combination of towers, at the correct locations.

Personally, I prefer the maze type. It's much harder but much more fun becos of the freedom to build really insane mazes.

Interested? Wanna have a go?

Non-maze type (for weakass wussies):
element tower defense

Maze Type:
PS: Try the "100 Levels" challenge. Apparently nobody has reached Level100 yet. My personal best is Level79