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Monday, April 17, 2006

Toothpasting Acne

My mole aka best-friend-colleague has been feeding me updates: Alot of meetings are being held and there should be some major changes.....


Meanwhile, I just woke up and am tending to a nasty pimple on my neck... the nasty little bugger appear out of nowhere last nite!

I putting toothpaste on the pimply bump... The idea is to let the toothpaste dry it up asap... but only in moderation coz over-drying will cause skin irritation...

Any other home-made acne solutions to suggest?


rationalneurotic said...

is it ripe? if yes, just wash your hands, wash your neck, and then squeeze the bugger out of there. Make sure it's flat after you squeezed it.

If not, benzene always works overnight. If really cannot, do what I do. Slap a handyplast over it and say it's a wound. Hahaha

kobechibbs said...

pimples are ******* painful to squeeze but I've yet to see a quicker solution.

It's always a dilemma between pain or embarrassment (for having pimples at our age).

Anonymous said...

dude, get some medical alcohol and spread some over the bugger. this kills germs and also dehydrates the bastard leading to speedier resolution.

from your friendly doctor friend.