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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Paradoxical Wheel of Stress

I got WHITE hair. At the sides of my head.

27 yr old dude with WHITE hair. Totally not cool.

I think I need to manage my STRESS better. Seriously...

I think the
WHITE hair started popping up when I started working, like 3 years ago. Definitely work-related. To be fair, I had little ones popping during NUS times but those tiny buggers are manageable.

Are you stressed out at work?
Here's a non-exhaustive checklist on work stress:

Late for work again? Sales targets unachievable? Appraisals? Under-paid? Over-paid (WTF)? Over-worked, under-worked or frustrated over useless colleagues or staff? Unappreciated, all your hard work go unnoticed? Who to lunch with? What to eat for lunch? Forgot to reimbursed the funds you embezzled? Leave to clear but too much work? Crushing on some girl at the office? Sexually harassed at the office? Running out of ways to sexually harass the girls at the office? At the end of vicious office politiks? Lost a promotion to a young punk/pretty young thing? The stoopid fax-machine/photocopier is jammed again? Computer says NO?


Has it ever occurred to you that all these will go away with the submission of your resignation letter? Hahaha...wishful thinking....

Why do you work?
$$$. That's the only reason. Those with reasons like "get experience, know more ppl, etc."...please hor, spare me the crap - get experience for what? So that you can get a better job and more $$$? Or open ur own business and make $$$?

By quitting your worthless job and embracing a life of bumming is pretty stress-free at first...then you run out of $$$ and you start to stress about how to get more $$$.

Quit your job to study? Ahhh...the life of a student...Yeah rite....like they will let you study for free...How are you financing your pursuit of knowledge & that crappy piece of certificate/diploma/degree? Have you forgotten about the immense stress preparing for exams?

If you have mega inheritance or rich sugar daddies/tai-tais, "That's Hot" - Paris Hilton, The Simple Life. Are you rich? Are you beautiful? What if your parents go bankrupt? What if you grow old and you don't interest the sugar daddies/tai-tais? If everybody is rich then who is poor? If everybody is beautiful, who is fugly?

So ultimately, you will start to stress again...it's damn cock...it's a vicious cycle...you can never escape....you quit your job to escape stress, you end up stressing even more to make ends meet....Aaarrgh!!!

Sigh...I think a few more strands of
WHITE hair just popped up.

Damn you, The Paradoxical Wheel of Stress!!!

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Injenue said...

lol you are damn right!