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Sunday, August 28, 2005

here & there, now & then


One of my good friends backed out on a favour he agreed to do for me. Damn frustrated. It's not the first time he has let us down... I know him for about 10 years already. He's not a bad friend but he has this irritating, bad habit of letting ppl down, being a selfish dick, always placing himself first. We dont really blame him since nobody's perfect - to accept him as a friend, we have to accept his shortcomings first. So whenever he fucks us up, we give a long big sigh, treat it like nothing happened... When he's not fucking it up, he's quite alrite...

Here's the msn conversation I had with him - the irresponsible friend (IF):

8/24/2005, 2:54:35 PM
IF: your IRAS letter is here,
want me to open it?
ME: yeah, can u open it and take photos of the pages and email them to me?
IF: but i'm now in jkt
ME: when u get back, can u open it for me and take photos of the letter for me?
IF: ok, this fri night, saturday. remind me
ME: okok, thanks

He totally agreed to open the letter & take photos & send to me.

8/28/2005, 2:36:57 AM
ME: can do the tax thing for me?

Saturday night/Sunday morning. He came online and I immediately reminded him. No reply.

8/28/2005, 11:09:29 AM
IF: just opened it
IF: your tax payable is 266.12, wah lau!
ME: hahaha, i poor man lah......take photo and send me? send to
No reply from him.

8/28/2005, 6:03:00 PM
IF: didnt have time to take photo of your letter. no need lah.
IF: u only need to register giro online at dbs internet banking
ME: ehhh, tolong lah, i would do it for u lor
IF: i am in kl lah, just now was rushing, taxable income was 3x,xxx and tax was 26x.xx
ME: ok lor....u could have told me earlier
ME: where's the thing, i'll get ferry to do it for me
IF: on the table. put back in envelope and on the glass table

AND the bugger went offline. Fuck. Totally uncool...

What the fuck is "taxable income was 3x,xxx and tax was 26x.xx"? How am I supposed check taxable income of 3x,xxx and to pay 26x.xx??? WTF man!!!

Furthermore, there should be no reason watsoever he has no time to do it! I asked him and he agreed 4 days ago! Anyways, he could have told me earlier.....not when he reach freaking KL, with the bloody letter in Spore, then try to convince me I do not need the letter to pay my taxes, then when I said "ehhh, tolong lah, i would do it for u lor" then he tell me.....wah laos man!!!

I know DBS & OCBC allows online giro registration for tax payment but he overlooked the fact that I do not know what is my tax reference no., which is needed to exact the payment proper. Even if he has provided me the tax reference no. & amount payable, I still want to read the contents of my tax returns - for my own reference!!!

Not forgetting, I need to check the tax returns. If there's any discrepancies in the calculations, I need the details to dispute and appeal against the amount payable!!!

Fuck lah. Asked him to do me a favour. To help a friend in need. He doesn't owe me a thing and he's not getting paid or anything so fuck it lah..... He help then good lor, he dun help then fuck it lor....

He reads this blog. I dunno if how this entry would affect our friendship but for my sake & our mutual friends, I just hope after reading this, he would wake up his idea. Much better option than keeping all these in me and suffer future disappointments from him. Ehhh, tolong lah, hor....

if ur reading this entry:
oei! you fucked it up again but wat the hell, I forgive you, again...