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Thursday, August 18, 2005

HCMC Photoset

Sorry flatunatics...

I'm actually back in S'pore, for work / holidays. Trying to maximise the little time I have in Spore so no time to update the blog. Quite ironic, when I'm working in Phnom Penh, I made sure I have enuff time to blog. When I'm back in S'pore/M'sia for hols, I spend all the time not bloggin...

Normal blogging should resume when I balik Phnom Penh next week...

But here's a little gallery of photos, taken from my last trip to HCMC. Check it out:

HCMC, District 1 - City centre. Shopping Malls, hotels, tourists shops are located here. Very nice nite lighting, alot of neon lighting.

Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh) statue with City Hall building in the background.


Uncle Ho teaching little Vietnamese girl to read.

From the left.

From the right.

Bac Ho - Uncle Ho