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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Touchdown Phnom Penh

The slow tame pace of the Phnom Penh traffic is such a big contrast to the crazy HoChiMinh traffic. It's great to be back in ol' sleepy Phnom Penh.

I'm really looking forward to the next few months cos the Indochina region is having its rainy season. The temperature is gonna drop drastically, the skies are gonna be grey and lots of rain. No more sticky sweaty days!

The downside is the rainy season is also the perennial low sales season. My team is on track for a 50-60% sales growth but the low season will be a big damper on their drive. The trick is to keep them motivated thru these hard times until the market picks up again (usually Oct to Dec)...ok, enuff about work....

That animated looping pic of David Hasselholf seemed to have traumatised quite alot of ppl. I guess it's not everybody's cup of tea....but he's quite big in Germany leh... A Baywatch Special on Starworld revealed that Baywatch almost got cancelled after its abysmal 1st season ratings. Nope - I didnt watch it for Hasselholf or his harem of hot co-stars; I was genuinely interested to discover the worldwide success of Baywatch, hehe. Come on, who can resist the slow-motion running of those attractive lifeguards...

Anyways, while Baywatch bombed in the States, the series was a hit in Europe - due to Hasselholf's uncanny popularity & his pop singing career. The Germans pumped in $$$ for production of the 2nd season and as the saying goes "the rest is history". The Baywatch franchise spanned 11 seasons, 1 spin-off series (Baywatch Nights), a reunion movie (Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding) and discovered a bevy of hot Playboy Playmates.

To make it up to y'all, checkout the slutty Ms. Paris Hilton below. "That's Hot".

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Skimpily dressed slutty Paris + Bubbles + Strobe Lights + Nerdy Cow Dude = she sure can throw a Crazy Party!!!


timo said...

do they show Paris Hilton's TV show, "the simple life" over there? It's pretty funny.

The movie poster for the "charawan returns" you posted below is pretty funny. the expressions on the kids' faces are classic.

Jo said...

yeah, we get "the simple life 2" here...that's where i learnt her catchphrase: "that's hot"

too bad she & nicole richie are not speaking to each other anymore...