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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mid Week Blues

Monday was all RED
Tuesday was PURPLE
Wednesday was all BLUE with a bid from Chelsea and Bill Shankly turning over in his grave - 1st rule of club football is broken: no one is bigger than the club.

I guess it's common knowledge now. Steven Gerrard is leaving LFC. I was pretty livid when I found out but after analysing the situation, there's much to be happy about. Let me explain:

1) Transfer funds. The press are speculating the transfer funds to be about 40 million pounds. Thats a shitload of $$$. With that kind of $$$, Rafa can go buy 3 or 4 good consistent players, adding the much needed flair and quality to the team. Quite a good deal - sell your primadonna sulking star player and get 3 or 4 committed ones in return.

Alot of teams have done it in the past. One that comes to mind is Man Utd. They sold Beckham to Real Madrid and bought a whole load of players - DjembaDjemba, Kleberson, etc. But they turnout to be shit players. The only one that did good was Cristiano Ronaldo. But I'm pretty sure Rafa is a more shrewd businessman than Fergie. Fergie's head is ruled by his emotions while Rafa is cool and analytical.

2) Crappy attitude. Gerrard has this perpertual sulk in most of last season's interviews / tv appearances. He wasn't enjoying himself. Even when we won Champ's League, I sensed the sulk in him. If you not happy, you not gonna perform well.

3) Inconsistent form. In my previous posting, I felt that the team looks up to him. His form is indicative of the team's play. Do we want another season of inconsistent performances from him and LFC? Nope.

4) Immaturity. He's not ready to be captain and this contract talks debacle is proof of his immaturity. Reports say that when LFC opened contract talks with him last Wednesday, he got pissed and ended negotiations. LFC merely asked him what terms he wanted... When you ask your boss for a pay raise, you should have an indication of how much you want or how much you are worth. Yes, the employer should have some idea of your needs but you need to tell them also, so a COMPROMISE can be met. You do not throw tantrums like a little girl.

5) Crappy reason for leaving. "'The last six weeks have been the toughest of my life and the decision I have come to has been the hardest decision I have ever had to make,' Gerrard told Sky Sports News. 'I fully intended to sign a new contract after the Champions League Final but the events of the past five or six weeks have changed all that'"

Yeah rite...what has he been doing these last 6 weeks? Let's see...
LFC won the Champs League, he got a medal; home-coming to a parade of 500,000 fans singing his name; holidaying in Ibiza; attending charity events and playing boring golf.

Awww...you poor thing...it's been so hard on you. The pressure's too hard for you. Maybe you need a new club, one where you play less and spend more time on the bench, warming it for your teammates during those cold European nights.

Checkout this Soccernet article for fans' reaction. I love the last line:
"I just hope Jamie Carragher, who is a player who deserves to wear the red shirt, is given the captaincy."
I have been a firm Carra believer since he debuted. While my mates were slagging him off, I stuck to him. He has been a revelation last season and he should be the next LFC Captain.

I made a bet with Mel, if Steven Gerrard leaves, I buy him dinner. I owe Mel a dinner. Fuck you, Steven Gerrard. Fuck you, you ungrateful piece of shit. CHOY MAI!!!
(it's Cambodian for "Fuck Mother")

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flies fucking on moving car's window - last week, streets of Ho Chi Minh City


timo said...

you're a jinx Joe, that's what you get for pouring on so much of the liverpool lovefest on your blog man.

Jo said...

hey, u cant keep it in u all the time...gotta spread the love!!!