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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

End Season

ESPN damn FUCKER...whole day show GOLF only....

I know it's end season, soccer leagues ended but at least show the Confederations Cup lah....If really no soccer, then show some cool sports lah, dun show GOLF!

Here's a list of the stuff ESPN should show during end season:

1) Beach Volley - preferably in hot, sweltering beaches with hot sweaty chicks

2) Normal Volley - almost the same as beach volley, just that more chicks and please NO china team (full of man-chicks)

3) Super Soaker Death Matches

4) Super Soaker Wet-Tshirt Death Matches

5) Water Balloon Wet-Tshirt Death Matches

5) Maze - Guy trap in maze and every 2 minutes, they will release a lion or some wacko psycho into the maze

6) Takeshi's Castle!!! Woo Hoo!!! Classic Beat Takeshi humour with daredevil whacky Jap contestants...woo hoo!!!

7) Silly European men dressed in medieval gear, doing old skool challenges like jousting, pole-vaulting over moats, laying sieges, catapulting flaming rocks, trebucheting ppl over walls, saving helpless maidens etc.

8) Who wants to be an Indiana Jones? - Enter an ancient temple full of death traps & naked cannibalistic natives, save the irritating damsel and win a million dollars.

9) Grudge Match - Pits animals against humans, animals against machines, machines against humans etc. It will be cool to find out who will triumph when you put Lion vs. Tiger, Lindsay Lohan vs. Hilary Duff, StarWars Geek vs. StarTrek Geek, Cambodian vs. Thai vs. Vietnamese, Michael Moore vs. George W. Bush, Pope vs. Dan Brown

10) More female sports presenters. Now only got Collette Wong and she's man-girl-ish and she Man-ure supporter.

Anyways StarSports showing Wimbeldon. Damn, Sharapova is hot. But her grunting is putting me off...cant get a boner with all the noise...I think she started grunting in the Aussie Open... I usually MUTE the match then mp3 some lomantik musik....damn that sounds very wacko jacko....errr....byes


timo said...

Aren't you watching the NBA finals?
this year the playoffs have been pretty exciting and I've been getting sick of watching the Lakers in the past.

I agree Takeshi's castle is cool although i don't really sit through it much. Iron chef is pretty cool too during the slow tv times.
over here they usually show poker, world's strongest man, or women's 9-ball (Jeanette Lee is hot) on ESPN during the off hours.

Jo said...

NBA Finals? Hmmm not really... Dun follow NBA anymore, but I play NBA Street Vol 3!!! Hahaha..

Actually women's golf not bad cos got Michelle Wie...yeah I noe she's 15 or 16, but she looks barely legal!!!

Anonymous said...

Timo man,
I dont remember a 7-game Final other than the one i loved in 93-94 season: Knicks lost to Rockets 3-4.

Still damn bloody bitter about bloody John Starks shooting all the 3-points astray. He got me started to watch NBA and he also got to stop watching the NBA.

The games live would be 9am in Singapore lasting usually for 3 hrs plus. Its impossible to watch live unless we take leave!