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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Expensive Groceries

Did some grocery shopping. Checkout the receipt here. No surprises, the usual suspects - Pringles Original & Sour Cream Onion, Cola (they dun sell Coke there so had to settle for Pepsi) and the perennial favourite: Mai Ling Luncheon Meat.

It's pretty pricey, compared to Spore. Most of the prices are the same (if not more) compared to stuff in Singapore. The only item that's cheap is the 6-pack of Tiger Beer. You pay about SGD1.20 for a can of 330ml here. Bear in mind Tiger Beer is priced on a slightly higher end so there's a wholeload of other brands that are much, much cheaper! Soft drinks are more expensive than beer. If paid for, my salesmen can finish a few kegs of beer in 1 sitting, crazy...