flat·u·lence 1) The presence of excessive gas in the digestive tract. 2) Self-importance; pomposity.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Square One???

The interview didn't go as well as I wanted... It's not disastrous, it's just lacking a certain amount of fluency...not as smooth as the 1st interview...The director (boss to the hiring manager who interviewed me in the 1st round) kept asking about work experiences and other technical stuff which I can't really boast of having...I dun think he was impressed cos during and after the interview, I really cant feel any vibes from the guy...It's so unlike from the 1st interview where I totally getting the vibes from the hiring manager...My chances are not very high. From wat I heard 10 were shortlisted for the 1st round and from the 10, the list is trimmed for the 2nd round...so at least I manage to impress the hiring manager to get to the 2nd round....so I know I must be doing something right, just gotta keep workin at my interview skills...especially my closing segment....Aiyah, looks like it's back to my job-search routine again, aiyah....Oh ya, I check the mailbox (the snail mailbox) and found 2 rejection letters, telling me they can't offer me an interview....i think it's quite cool cos companies nowadays dun even bother to tell you whether you made it through the interview rounds but to send a letter to tell me of a rejected interview attempt, quite nice...one of them even got a signature on it....

Closing notes:
Hebe from S.H.E is sososososo cute!!!
BoA, from Korea, is also quite cute...rumours has it that she is chosen to play takumi fujiwara's girlfriend (the slutty one, with the sugar daddy) in "Initial D the Movie" ie. if it gets made at all...