flat·u·lence 1) The presence of excessive gas in the digestive tract. 2) Self-importance; pomposity.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Could this be the ONE???

Just got off the phone. I am shortlisted for the 2nd round of interviews for the Borneo Motors job!!! Yeah!!! Woo Hoo!!! This totally took me by surprise cos I didnt really expect to be called back after my horrendous essay, attempting to argue how Singaporeans are totally justified in using their CPF to buy housing instead of saving it for their retirement....hehehe....the handwriting was bad, the points were scattered all over the essay.....maybe they havent read it yet....maybe they gonna review it after the 2nd interview, to seperate the shit from the chocolate......hmmmm, let's hope not :)

Anyways, the 2nd interview is gonna be next Tuesday at 3.30pm. It's gonna be with 4 other applicants and the directors of the "After Sales" department. Most probably it's gonna be some group test....shit shit shit....die liao lah.....dunno how to prepare for this.....just gonna keep my fingers crossed and pray for the best....should i get the job, i'll get to see the "lao-chio" receptionist everyday :) hehehe, this receptionist is chio and can tell she is in her 30s....the strange thing is that she is flanked by 2 other receptionists that are not chio at all and seem to be abit on the pudgy side....shouldnt all receptionist be babes? or at least try to maintain the same babe level.....when i first went to the information counter yesterday, I spoke straight to the chio one...it was not on purpose, just went straight to the chio one....i feel abit bad afterwards, wondering how the 2 recep-sidekicks felt when i did that....they must have experience that everyday since most of the visitors to the showroom are men....